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The All-Stars use Shakespeare’s Theatre to inspire, entertain, and educate diverse audiences through live performances  and workshops.   Our professional actors and teaching artists present professional theatrical productions that enliven Shakespeare’s plays for veteran theatre-goers and new audiences alike.  We strive to present Shakespeare in a fresh, accessible way by suiting “the action to the word, the word to the action.”



Book the All-Stars' signature show, Shakespeare Shorts!, at your school, community center, or event. Customized performances - no two are alike!


A Midsummer Night's Dream

One of the Bard’s best-love comedies!

Set in the 1960’s, three storylines interweave as four young lovers run into an enchanted forest in the name of true love. The fairies intervene with magic and more than a dash of mischief! In the forest, a group of amateur actors rehearse a hilariously bad play. As the King and the Queen of the Fairies are quarreling, the King of the Fairies, instructs his sprite, Puck, to turn one of the foolish players into a donkey, and the Fairy Queen, falls madly in love with him!!

This fast-paced, highly physical production from the Shakespeare All- Stars is a wonderful way to introduce audiences of all ages to Shakespeare.  

Bring A Midsummer Night's Dream to your school or book a field trip! 

Learn more about post-show Workshops!


Romeo & Juliet

Shakespeare’s classic tragedy is performed with eight actors playing all the roles (much as it happened in Shakespeare’s day) in an easy-to-follow 75-minute production.

Romeo and Juliet fall in love at a party, but they come from families who hate each other. Knowing they will not be allowed to marry publicly, they marry in secret instead. Unfortunately, Romeo kills Juliet’s cousin in a duel, and is banished from Verona. The Friar hatches a plan to allow them a life together, but a series of miscues turn Juliet’s hopes to tragedy instead.

Bring this tale of first love, grief, and the consequences of allowing hatred to consume us to your school or book a field trip!

Shakespeare Shorts! our fun, fast-paced, customizable show!

With professional actors, vibrant costumes, and dynamic staging, The All-Stars enliven the Bard’s classic works for diverse audiences.  Shakespeare Shorts! is a fast-paced, interactive montage of Shakespearean scenes, monologues, and songs.  We “suit the action to the word, the word to the action” to bring the text to life so students can better understand and appreciate these famous plays.


Bring the All-Stars to your Festival, Farmers Market, Block Party, Fundraiser, or special event!

We have performed at schools, libraries, festivals, and special events and can customize a performance to suit your schedule, venue, and audience. Contact Arin: to book your unforgettable show!


That Is the Question: Shakespeare Scenes & Trivia

Part performance, part quiz show, the All-Stars ask questions about the life and works of Shakespeare, interspersing relevant scenes.  In the bonus rounds, audience members are invited onstage to compete in insane challenges!  A fun, interactive way to review the plays you are studying!  

Originally devised for the 25th Annual Rhinoceros Theater Festival, curated by Curious Theatre Branch, That Is the Question can be customized for adults to be like Trivia Night at their favorite bar or for students as the perfect game to review the plays they are reading.