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The All-Stars use Shakespeare’s Theatre to inspire, entertain, and educate diverse audiences through live performances  and workshops.   Our professional actors and teaching artists present professional theatrical productions that enliven Shakespeare’s plays for veteran theatre-goers and new audiences alike.  We strive to present Shakespeare in a fresh, accessible way by suiting “the action to the word, the word to the action.”


Romeo & Juliet Tour

Free Shakespeare in the park ~ June 16-July 1, 2018

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Romeo & Juliet

Recommended for grades 6-12, 75 minutes

The Shakespeare All-Stars is a touring theatrical ensemble dedicated to making Shakespeare accessible and entertaining to students (and grown-ups!) of all ages, backgrounds, and prior knowledge of Shakespeare. This year, we are excited to offer a full, 75-minute touring production of Romeo & Juliet to schools in the Chicagoland area! Give your students a theatrical and educational experience they won’t forget – and get them hooked on Shakespeare in the process!



Eight actors present Romeo & Juliet with music, storytelling, and sword fighting in this 75-minute version of Shakespeare's famous love story.  We also offer workshops, led by our experienced teaching artists, that enhance the educational experience. For more information about workshops, look below in our workshop section!


The All-Stars inspire, entertain, and educate diverse audiences through live performances, workshops, and school programs. We enliven Shakespeare’s plays in a fresh accessible way by suiting “the action to the word, the word to the action.”

In addition to our production of Romeo & Juliet, the Shakespeare All-Stars offer in-school residencies, workshops, and our customizable Shakespeare Shorts!, an hour-long performance comprised of some of Shakespeare’s best scenes and can include scenes from play you are teaching.

LEARN MORE about our residencies, workshops, or Shakespeare Shorts!

Contact Arin Mulvaney at or 773-289-2374.


Suit the Action to the Word  Students explore Shakespeare’s language by bringing the words to life. This workshop helps students comprehend complex text by discovering hints within the dialogue through literary devices such as iambic pentameter, alliteration, and irony. By exploring the text out loud and using gestures, students gain a deeper understanding of Shakespeare’s characters, plots, and themes.  Recommended for Drama and English classes.

Do You Bite Your Thumb at Me?  Students learn how professional actors begin choreographing fights for the stage, starting with the golden rule of stage combat: safety first, safety second, safety last! This workshop will teach your students a handful of basic stage combat moves while practicing safety, eye contact, body control, and partner work (also, safety!) Students will have the opportunity to perform a short fight scene using Shakespeare’s text to drive the action. Recommended for Drama and P.E. classes.

Shakespeare in Modern Day  Students look at modern adaptations of Shakespeare and the impact his work has on our culture. This workshop will delve into various literary and artistic forms that have been inspired by Shakespeare’s collection of work, such as: poetry, novels, films, dance, theatre, and language. Recommended for Drama, English, and Social Studies students.

Each of our workshops is taught by one of our professional teaching artists, all of whom have experience working with students K-12. We can work with the curriculum you are currently focusing on in the classroom.


For pricing, booking, or other inquiries, please contact our Artistic Director, Arin Mulvaney, at! We look forward to hearing from you, and introducing your students to the wonderful world of Shakespeare!

Romeo & Juliet  originally played at Touhy Park June 16, 17, 30 and July 1, and at Gross Park June 23 & 24, 2018.

Director Sam Cheeseman says, "Although they were created hundreds of years ago, the characters in the world of Romeo and Juliet are some of the most realistic characters Shakespeare ever wrote. Perhaps that is why the unfounded hatred between the two households feels so tangible and real. Or perhaps it is because strife between groups of people feels all too familiar today. We will tell this story until it kills us, and then we will tell it again."


Blair Prince                  Juliet

P. Tyler Nielsen                Romeo                                                

Brianna Joy Ford             Chorus/Friar/Prince      

Nick Mayes               Mercutio/Abraham/Friar John

Jessie Ellingsen                Capulet/Gregory

Arin Mulvaney                  Nurse/Sampson

Grace Hutchings              Benvolio

Spencer Althoff                Tybalt/Servant/Apothecary

Production Team

Director                              Sam Cheeseman

Assistant Director            Bianca Phipps

Stage Manager                  Jessica Woodburn

Music                                  Joe Sergio

Fight Choreography        Emily Shimskey & Emma Jo Boyden

Design Team                     Arin Mulvaney & Jessica Woodburn

Graphic Design                Dan Osborn