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The All-Stars use Shakespeare’s Theatre to inspire, entertain, and educate diverse audiences through live performances  and workshops.   Our professional actors and teaching artists present professional theatrical productions that enliven Shakespeare’s plays for veteran theatre-goers and new audiences alike.  We strive to present Shakespeare in a fresh, accessible way by suiting “the action to the word, the word to the action.”



The All-Stars educate, inspire, and entertain diverse audiences through performances and educational programs in and around Chicago.  Come play with us!


The mission of the All-Stars Theatre Company  is to inspire, educate, and entertain diverse audiences through performances and workshops.   

In addition to presenting plays written and inspired by Shakespeare for the general public, the All-Stars offer fast-paced, interactive touring performances, in-class workshops, and after-school enrichment programs at schools, parks, libraries, special events, and community centers in and around Chicago.  Our ensemble enlivens the works of Shakespeare and other great playwrights in a fresh, accessible way by suiting "the action to the word, the word to the action." 

 All-Stars Theatre Company is a CPS vendor that has been selected as highly qualified in the areas of Workshops and Performances.  All programming is customizable to suit your audience, venue, and schedule. 

Why Shakespeare?

William Shakespeare is often called “the greatest playwright in the English language.”  His plays have universal appeal and thus have remained popular and relevant for over 400 years.  Shakespeare addresses many issues that are important to today’s youth including peer pressure, first love, ambition, relationships, and integrity.

Seeing, studying, and performing the works of Shakespeare offers a rare opportunity to develop literary and public speaking skills, explore history and the human condition, and understand how the arts influence and reflect our daily lives.