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The All-Stars use Shakespeare’s Theatre to inspire, entertain, and educate diverse audiences through live performances  and workshops.   Our professional actors and teaching artists present professional theatrical productions that enliven Shakespeare’s plays for veteran theatre-goers and new audiences alike.  We strive to present Shakespeare in a fresh, accessible way by suiting “the action to the word, the word to the action.”


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RhinoFest 2019

TO THE END OF RECKONING, an original work incorporating all 10 of Shakespeare’e history plays will premiere at Chicago’s longest running fringe festival!

3 performances only!

January 19 & 26 and February 2 @ 1 pm

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To the end of Reckoning, a new play written & directed by Erik Wagner

The Shakespeare All-Stars are proud to announce we have been selected to to perform at the 30th Annual Rhinoceros Festival, produced and curated by Curious Theatre Branch and Prop Thtr.

“To the End of Reckoning” is a fresh, raw take on Shakespeare, touching on all ten of the history plays in the canon, through the lens of a group of characters in the possibly not too far future America where those in power are on the verge of complete dictatorship, exiling or executing those not deemed to be true Americans. The themes of today parallel those of Shakespeare’s characters, provoking conversations such as do we ever learn from history or propel the cycle of mistakes? and what role does this 400 year-old British text hold for us today?
All of the music is acoustic and provided by our talented actor-musicians. In this crazy world, we hope this piece will make us feel the need for camaraderie, the history of what makes us Americans, the essential need for freedom of speech and expression, and possibly most importantly, the role that our precious art form of theater serves in a world that, at times, appears to falling to pieces.

Director ~ Erik Wagner
Playwright ~ Erik Wagner
Stage Manager ~ Jessica Woodburn
Fight Choreography ~ Shane Richlen
Producer ~ Arin Mulvaney

Starring ~ Amber Nicole Cartwright, Bobby Duncalf, Danny Ferenczi, Briané Goodrum, Theresa Liebhart, Amelia Lorenz, Brenna Palfi, Chase Nuerge, Shane Richlen, Stephanie Ricoy, and Andrew Seller

"To the End of Reckoning" plays in the front theatre at Prop Thtr, 3504 N Elston, on Saturdays, 1/19, 1/26, and 2/2 at 1 pm. Recommended for audiences age 13+